Center-Based Program

Rates + Fees

The private Day Treatment Rates and Fees are for the 2024-2025 Program Year.

  • Pre-Admission and Renewal Application Review Fee: (Non-Refundable): $100.00
  • Annual Program Tuition:.$55,000.00*

– Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month or sooner. Tuition is to be paid over a period of
12 monthly installments in the amount of $4,583.33 monthly.
– 10% discounts on annual tuition will be offered to siblings.

  • Tuition Deposit: $5,000.00

New participants not previously enrolled (non-refundable)
applied only to last month of enrollment / final exit from program year

  • Annual Enrollment Fee: (Non-Refundable): .$ 450.00
  • After Hours / Center-Based Program: (Per 30-minute increment): .$17.50
  • Hourly Consultation Fee (w/ BGC Director): $75.00

*Tuition for the 2024-2025 program year will be pro-rated for mid-year enrollments based upon the first day
participant is in attendance. The number of days in session for each program year at the Center will vary for each
participant depending upon their mid-year starting date.

(Days in service may change due to inclement weather/hurricane related closures and other government-imposed
regulation closures. During closures BGC will not refund tuition but in turn, schedule additional make-up days as

As a 501c3 charitable non-profit, we seek to operate a successful and sustainable business model to serve children and youth in our community for decades to come. As a non-profit, our primary objective is to help children and families, and to do so at a reasonable and sustainable cost of care. Our published Day Treatment Rates represent the realistic cost to operate and provide the level of intervention and credentialed staff which are necessary for effective treatment and service delivery. 

Beautiful Gate Center accepts Checks, Cash, ACH Bank Transfer, Visa and Mastercard for any Day Treatment Rates and fees. A 4% processing fee will be added if fees are paid using a credit card. Please contact our Business Office for more details.

Other Financial Obligations

The Beautiful Gate Center relies heavily upon private donations and fundraising to support the staff continuing education requirements, specialty programs, facility upgrades, equipment purchases and so much more.

We ask all families to support our fundraising initiatives, follow us on social media and explore other ways to give each and every year to preserve the long-term growth and vision of the Beautiful Gate Center.

Open the Gate™ Scholarship Fund

At this time, we do not have scholarship account funded to support families. It is our desire to build a scholarship fund to support both the assessment process and therapeutic needs of families who do not have the resources, or access to government funded plans, to receive treatments in our Center.  We desire to provide this level of care to children regardless of financial means.  Especially a child without a voice!  Please help us to put a “speech output” talker in their hands to help them find their voice for life.  

We welcome business partners, grant makers and private donors to make a donation to our Inaugural year Scholarship Fund so we may help meet the needs of many children and families in our community.

Financial Assistance Organizations in our Region who Support Requests for Therapy Assistance