Center-Based Program

Program Overview

Welcome to Our Center–Based, Year-Round, Developmental Learning Center Program serving individuals, age 3-21.

We are now enrolling participants for the 2024-2025 Program Year.

There will be up to 4 participants enrolled in each classroom. Participants will be placed in an age group based on their age on July 10th, 2024.

Early Intervention Program
Primary Program
Teen Program
Young Adult Program
Ages 3-5
Ages 6-10
Ages 11-16
Ages 17-21

First Day of Program Year 2024: July 10th, 2024
Last Day of Program Year: June 13th, 2025
Number of Days in Session: 205

First Day of Program Year 2023: July 9th, 2025

4 Seasonal Breaks will be provided through the Program Year:
Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer