Center-Based Program

Center Programs Designed For Your Needs

Beautiful Gate Center provides a safe, effective, multi–disciplinary ABA–bases developmental learning center and day treatment program for children and youth who are impacted by Developmental Disability (DD), Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), resulting in learning difficulties, lack of functional communication life skill deficits, and challenging behavior that inhibits learning and skill development.

Center Environment

Our Program provide treatment utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in 1:1 / 3:1, group, peer mentoring and community-based settings.


One–stop Learning Environment.
Learning together. Succeeding together.

Primary and Secondary Programs


Our Primary and Secondary Programs serve ages 5 to 21, operate full days (M–F), with a year around schedule to support routines and structures conductive to the acquisition of crucial adaptive info skill independence and developmental progress.

Primary Program

Our Primary Program focus is to aide the development of the life, communication and social skills that are essential to basic personal independence. As those skills are acquired and the child is able to demonstrate task independence in various aspects of the day treatment program, the child with transitions to the secondary program at Beautiful gate Center or transition out of the Center to a more traditional, less restrictive, educational setting.

Secondary Program

Our Secondary Program focuses on fostering independence in self-management, pre–academic and pre-literacy objectives, community readiness, social engagement and pre-vocational training.